Anibal Martinez




Aníbal  Martínez is a motion designer by day, by night, and all the times in between. Throughout the last decade, his superhero-status design skills have earned him an array of awards, including but certainly not limited to Suncoast Emmy Award “Commercial Category” and Suncoast Emmy Award “Technical Achievement Category” for El Gladiador en Tí (2015). Ultimately, his mission since day one has been to breathe life into people’s businesses through the infinite power of animation.

When he isn’t designing, you can find him gaming the night away while snacking on good food. He is also a coffee aficionado with an avid interest in the arts (music included). However, there’s something infinitely more important to him than all of these things combined: his amazing six-year-old son who occasionally partakes in all the gaming and snacking affairs.

As a thriving business, you undoubtedly have a compelling story to tell. Let Aníbal tell it in a way that gets clients flocking to your brand for years to come.